The Adventure Cream Story

Years ago, while volunteering as a Scout Master in the Boy Scouts, I found that often on hikes or during other activities in the Florida sun, the boys and leaders (including myself) would begin to chafe or blister.  Once this occurred, the fun was over.  It went quickly from being an adventure to just trying to survive.  In fact, some boys would not attend certain events because they chafed easily and did not want to spend days afterward healing.  I was sad to see one boy in our troop who loved camping quit attending our monthly campouts because he seemed to chafe every time.  Something had to be done.

Over the next 8 years Wise Owl Products worked with leaders in the cosmetics and personal care industries to develop Adventure Cream.  Adventure Cream is designed to prevent chafing & blisters and help heal chafed/irritated skin.  It is a non-greasy lotion that you rub into your skin and it is activated later by heat and sweat.  It’s like it’s not even there until you need it, then you are glad to have it!

I have since moved from Florida to the Rocky Mountains.  The winters are colder, but people still chafe and blister.  It is a subject that not many like to talk about.  It is personal, and to some even a little embarrassing.  Too many people limit their activities because they are prone to chafing.  You no longer need to fear chafing or blisters, Adventure Cream is your ‘ticket to adventure’.

Tom Gomm

Founder & President

Wise Owl Products